Image Processing Pipeline Software

Software Distributions


We provide snapshot IPP tarballs below. These contain the complete codebase for the given release, as identified in the notes. We are only providing the most recent release; Older versions are no longer listed since they are not supported; if you need an older version, please contact us.

release size notes date
IPP Magic V021.2MFirst IPP release with Magic-approval2009 Feb 12
IPP simtest, automation, stack, diff2008 Jul 30
IPP 2.6 beta21.2Mbetter simtest, additional stages2008 Jul 16
IPP updates2008 Apr 09
IPP 2.420.8Mtest for build options2008 Jan 18
IPP 2.316.2Mimproved psf modelling, convolutions2007 Sep 25
IPP 2.216.0Mfurther updates, improved db interactions2007 Jul 25
IPP 2.115.7Madding updates based on May/June testing2007 Jun 20
IPP 2.017.4Mcomplete image analysis pipeline2007 May 4
IPP 1.214.7Minitial snapshot with image combinations2007 Apr 19
IPP 1.1 4.3Mupdates to the build system2007 Mar 7
IPP 1.012.2Msingle image pipeline only2007 Feb 2

Additional Data & Packages

The tarballs above provide the complete set of IPP software and configuration files. Below, we list additional resources which may be needed. This includes the complete set of external Perl and C libraries, as well as certain astrometric reference data sets. The full IPP system requires an astrometric and photometric reference catalog in the DVO database format. We have constructed several based on the USNO-B, 2MASS, and Tycho catalogs. The one we use for PS1 data by default contains synthetic photometry in the PS1 grizy bands generated from the merged USNO-B + 2MASS database. The full PS1 Synthethic Database is roughly 100GB, and is not currently available via a web link. The USNO-B-only version can be constructed from a user's copy of the USNO-B raw catalog: see Building the USNO-B DVO catalog. Because of the storage format for 2MASS, however, the 2MASS to DVO conversion is more challenging. The IPP will work fine with just the USNO-B version, though the astrometric accuracy is reduced. The versions given below can be used for testing and for large-format, shallow cameras. The bright version consists of objects in the full merged catalog with magnitudes in any band less than 14.0. The simtest version consists of data from the full magnitude range, but only for the region of the sky used by the IPP simtest suite. It is necessary to use the full-density catalog otherwise there will be too few reference stars in the small simtest field-of-view.

bundle size notes
extlibs-magic-v0.tgz65Mexternal C libraries used by IPP (ipp-magic-v0)
extperl-magic-v0.tgz10Mexternal Perl modules used by IPP (ipp-magic-v0)
extlibs-2.6.1.tgz86Mexternal C libraries used by IPP (ipp-2.6)
extperl-2.6.1.tgz10Mexternal Perl modules used by IPP (ipp-2.6)
catdir.synth.simtest-2.6.1.tgz159MSimtest version of IPP Ref Data
catdir.synth.bright.tgz 2.3GBright-limit version of IPP Ref Data


This table lists the basic IPP documents for easy access. For the complete set of engineering documents, see the IPP Section of the Project Document Server.
Document Name Reference Description
IPP SSDD PSDC-430-014-00 The IPP System/Subsystem Design Description.
IPP User's Guide manual.pdf Draft IPP User's Guide include Installation instructions.
IPP Configuration Guide config.pdf Draft Guide to the IPP Configuration System.
DVO SDD (draft) dvo.pdf Draft DVO Software Design Description.
PanTasks SDD (draft) pantasks.pdf Draft PanTasks Software Design Description.
IPPTools SDD (draft) ipptools.pdf Draft IPPTools Software Design Description.
PSPhot SDD (draft) psphot.pdf Draft PSPhot Software Design Description.
IPP SCD PSDC-430-011-00 The IPP PS-1 System Concept Definition.
psLib SDRS PSDC-430-007-18 Detailed API specification for psLib; almost a user's guide.
psModules SDRS PSDC-430-012-11 Detailed API specification for psModules; almost a user's guide.
psLib / psModules ADD PSDC-430-006-12 Description of the algorithms used by psLib and psModules.
psLib Code Standards PSDC-430-004-01 Description of the algorithms used by psLib and psModules.

Individual Packages

psLibImage Processing Library
psModulesImage Processing Modules


This is the dependency tree of IPP software.

graph of ipp software

External Dependencies


Many of the external libraries (shown above in gold) that IPP software depends on have been mirrored locally for convenience.


A few IPP software packages are dependent on Perl5 and several Perl module packages available from CPAN. The minimum version of Perl needed for IPP code is Perl 5.6.x or later.

This is the Perl module dependency tree for IPP software.

graph of ipp perl modules

As with the IPP dependencies, many of the required Perl modules have been mirrored locally for convenience.