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psModule Image Processing Library



This library contains the Pan-STARRS Image Processing Pipeline (IPP) modules (psModule). These modules use the functionality of the Pan-STARRS Library (psLib) to perform more complex tasks associated with image processing. Modules were constructed to support each of the required processing stages and are listed according to the particular processing stage for which they will primarily be used. To preserve namespace, globally-visible structures and functions are prefixed with pm, an abbreviation for Pan-STARRS Modules.

Modules in this release include:

The installed code for psModule consists of header files and a binary library.

Required external Libraries

Before building psLib from source, several external software libraries must be installed. These include:

We recommend using the particular versions listed as compatibility tested, as that is the only versions of the external libraries tested to work well with psLib and psModule. Though it is quite possible that later versions of the libraries listed will also work, care must be taken when upgrading these libraries to verify that its functionality is compatible with the tested version.

How to Build from Source

Tested versions of psModule are put into a tar file and can be downloaded from:

Though MHPCC recommends using the released packaged tar files descibed above, both daily development snapshots and direct CVS access is available. The daily snapshots are available at

These snapshots represents development code as found in CVS on the day specified in the filename. This code set may not be functional, vary in testing, etc. Reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the code does actually compile, but given the nature of code development, even that is not always the case. Use snapshots with great caution.

If one has a login account on, direct CVS access is possible. Example of the commands required for direct CVS retrieval are as follows:

$ cvs co -r RELEASEBRANCH psModule

How to Build and Test the psModule Library.

The psModule library and associated tests are made via the GNU autoconf/automake system.

The source should build using the configure script in the psModule directory. The recommended steps are:

$ cd psModule
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check
$ make install
Unless otherwise specified, the library is installed with PREFIX of the current directory.

Other configuration options, such as location of external libraries, are also available. To get a list of options, type the following in the top psModule directory.

$ configure --help
A likely option needed is '--with-pslib-config', which specifies the location of the configuration script for psLib. By default, iconfigure searches for it using PATH, but that is often not sufficient.

How to Create Code Documentation

Both HTML and man page documentation may be generated from the inline documentation embedded in the code using the following commands:
$ cd psModule
$ make docs
This places documentation in PREFIX/docs.

Also, a prebuilt set of code documentation for both the releases and last CVS snapshot can be found at:

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