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Contact Information

Mailing Address

The Pan-STARRS project office is located in the Manoa Innovation Center (MIC), just down the street from the Institute for Astronomy's Manoa headquarters.

Suite 290
2800 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-1897

Phone: 808-988-8960                        Fax: 808-988-8972

Pan-STARRS Project Team

Pan-STARRS Principal Investigator
Kaiser, Nick

Project Management Office
Burgett, William (Project Manager)
Chun, Stephen
Kajikawa-Kent, Jill
Retuta, Freddie
Seo, Gavin (IT)
Wu, Cindy

Telescope Subsystem
Morgan Jeff (Lead)
Giebink, Bill
Goggia, Tommy
McGregor, Helen

Camera Subsystem
Onaka, Peter (Lead)
Ching, Greg
Isani, Sidik
Lee, Aaron
Rae, Craig
Robertson, Lou
Tonry, John
Uyeshiro, Robin
Young, Jessica

Observatory Control SW (OTIS)
Dukes, Todd
Small, Erik

Image Processing Pipeline SW (IPP)
Magnier, Eugene (Lead)

Moving Object Processing SW (MOPS)
Denneau, Larry (Lead)
Green, Denver

Database SW (PSPS)
Heasley, Jim (Lead)
Chang, Daniel
Chen, Thomas
Holmberg, Conrad

PS1SC Team

PS1 Director
Chambers, Ken

Maui Staff
Giebink, Cindy (IT Specialist)
Goggia, Tommy (PS1 Tescope Operator)
Harris, Richard (PS1 Telescope Technician)
Huntley, Haydn (PS1SC Software Engineer)
Mohr, Stephen (PS1SC Software Engineer)
Rohrer, Donna (PS1 Telescope Technician)
Primak, Natalia (PS1 Observer)
Schultz, Angela (PS1 Observer)
Thiel, Jacob (PS1 Observer)
Watters, Shannon (PS1 Observer)

Manoa Staff
Chastel, Serge (PS1SC Software Engineer)
Flewelling, Heather (PS1SC Postdoctoral Researcher)
Henderson, Roy (PS1SC Software Engineer)
Huber, Mark (PS1SC Postdoctoral Researcher)
Kaukali, Chris (Fiscal Officer)
Magnier, Eugene (Image Processing Pipeline (IPP) Leader)
Mattson, Rita (Program Coordinator)
Sweeney, Bill (PS1SC Software Engineer)
Waters, Chris (PS1SC Postdoctoral Researcher)

Additional IfA Support

Hasinger, Güenther (IfA Director)
Jedicke, Robert
Maberry, Mike
McLaren, Robert
Rhoads, Pui Hin
Wainscoat, Richard
Wynn-Williams, Gareth



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