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Other Wide Field Surveys

How does Pan-STARRS compare with existing wide-field surveys?

USAF Linear 1.0 2.0 1.5
SDSS 2.5 3.9 6.0
CFHT 3.6 1 8.0
SUBARU 8.1 0.2 8.8
Pan-STARRS 3.6 7 60
Nominal LSST 6.5 7 190

The parameter " AΩ" is a good measure of the power of a survey telescope, where A is its collecting area and Ω is the field of view of the camera. The table shows a number of existing and planned survey instruments, including the CFHT Megacam and the Subaru SuprimeCam. Pan-STARRS is considerably more powerful than any existing survey instrument.

Is Pan-STARRS the same as the LARGE SYNOPTIC SURVeY Telescope (LSST)?

No. Pan-STARRS will have a smaller collecting area than the LSST as recommended in the decadal report. However, we expect that it will do much, but not all, of the science proposed for the LSST at something like 20-25% the cost of the larger project.

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