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PS1 Installation 2005

The PS1 prototype telescope occupies the same site as the old NASA Satellite Laser Ranging system, which was decommissioned in 2004. PS1’s installation in the south dome of the LURE Observatory started in July 2005. The north dome of the LURE Observatory, which formerly housed the University of Tokyo's Magnum Telescope, is the future home of PS2.

The enclosure was manufactured by Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd (Australia) and assembled on site by Taisei Construction Corporation of Maui.

The telescope itself was built by EOS Technologies Inc (Tucson).

The construction photographs may be compared to the following cut-away drawing of the PS1 building.

Cross-section of PS1 building

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May 24

May 24

May 23

May 23

May 23

April 10

March 22

February 1

January 24

Jan 19   

Jan 19   

December 3

November 14 construction photo

November 2construction photo

November 2

October 25 Dome arch mounting

October 21 3rd floor

October 182nd floor lifting

October 14 Ist floor stairs

September 8

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